Why a condominium is for you

Posted: Nov 19, 2020 08:06:15 PM


Filipinos will always consider having their own house and lot unit. However, these properties are seldom available within the city where majority of businesses and activities thrive and commuting can be a major hassle considering the traffic especially during rush hours. 

We list down some reasons why you should consider acquiring condominium unit for you! 

  1. Location
    Many condominiums are located within the vibrant downtown areas making it easier to commute to commercial establishments, schools, church, malls and others. Living close to your job can save time, fuel and other transportation costs. 

  2. Amenities
    Want to keep your body fit? Fun bonding activities at the pool? A venue to hold family events? Many condominiums offer complete amenities that would make you want to stay indoors. These amenities creates a comfortable ambience for the homeowners to simply relax and unwind. 

  3. Good investment / Appreciation Value
    Condos are tangible assets and are easy to lease out with developers offering property management options for you. A 10% to 20% return of investment annually is surely a good value appreciation of your unit considering the high demand of properties within the city and influx of tourists every day. 

  4. Security
    Condominiums provide additional security to make the homeowners feel safe. Security professionals are visible upon entering the building and have plenty of CCTVs placed in common areas. With the advent of technology, many condos offer electronic locks that can be accessed using your phone.